Local SEO

Most people think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the same where ever you are in the world and although for the most part it is, the criteria that search engines use to formulate their list of results, can vary from country to country and in some cases even area by area. For this reason, some businesses that need SEO in Vancouver city will use SEO professionals based in Vancouver as they will be aware of any local variations in those criteria. The basic principles of SEO remain the same though where ever you are and those are to increase the number of visitors to websites by the use of specific strategies.

The main SEO strategy used throughout the world is the use of keywords which is very effective at ensuring a website is visited when a relevant search is made online. When a web search is initiated, the search engine scours the web looking for results and in most cases finds thousands which it lists and presents to the searcher over many pages. The problem here is that although thousands of different websites may be listed, the searcher only ever looks at the first few and ignores the rest. The difference that the use of keywords makes is that those keywords attract the search engine’s attention so that it places the website with those keywords, at the top of its list of results, ensuring that the website is within most searchers visits.

Other SEO strategies are not as affected by search engine results as they do not depend on people searching for what they have to offer but instead try and attract the attention of people browsing the web. There are two main types of strategy used for this, the first being PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and the second the use of back links. PPC are adverts which, as their name suggests, are paid for and the amount which is paid is dependent on either the number of times the website on which the advert appears is visited or, the number of times the advert is clicked on. Back linking is where a link to your website is placed on another website, one which becomes known as the host site. With back linking anyone visiting the host site is encouraged to also visit your website and thereby increase the number of visitors your site gets. Obviously with both the PPC and the back links, the more people visit the host site; the more chance there is that some of them will chose to also visit your website. An SEO specialist will know the best sites for your site to be hosted by, ones which should produce the most visitors to your site.

Getting visitors to your website is good but keeping them there long enough to see what you have to offer is not always so easy. To ensure that these visitors stay long enough on your site to become customers, ensure your site is of high quality and is updated regularly.